What are singing bowls and how can they help you?

Singing bowls have been created in Nepal centuries ago. They are also called Himalayan bowls or Healing bowls. 

The bowls are used for meditation, theraphy, personal well-being and spiritual practices.


The pure sounds produced when the rim is rubbed with the wooden stick, is said to put the brain in a meditative state.

The vibration of the singing bowls create the same wavelength as the brainwaves that produce a state of relaxation.

The bowls are used by a wide range of professionals, including therapists, musicians and spiritual teachers.

Sound workshops

Dipesh presents and participates in various events in the UK where he demonstrates how to use singing bowls, guided meditations and sound bath. This includes shows, workshops and yoga classes.

If you would like DIpesh to participate in your event get in touch now.

Moon Karma has range of selected handmade singing bowls and moon bowls directly from artisans. 


We have a large range of hand made bowls available in London. Contact us if you would like to arrange a meeting to experience the bowls.

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