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Unique opportunity to combine yoga, meditation, and trekking in the Himalayan country of Nepal.

Saturday 4 March to Tuesday 14 March 2023

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Here’s the story of our Nepal trip. We met Dipesh @moonkarma randomly at Portobello market in London in December 2018. We stopped at his singing bowl stand and started to chat about Yoga and his home country Nepal. We could feel a connection with him since we had the same interests and we exchanged contacts. A few month later back in Germany as we decided to plan our holidays, Nepal was on top of our favorite-destinations-list. I remembered the chat we had with Dipesh in London about Nepal and checked his website. Funny thing: On his website he advertised a 10 days Yoga-Trekking tour through Nepal in March - which was kind of like exactly what we were looking for.
We instantly contacted him and arranged everything to come to Nepal. 
Now I’m sure that it was the best decision to go for that trip. Dipesh showed us the amazing sights and nature of Nepal. He introduced us to locals and created some really magical moments. The most impressive things happened spontaneously and without any planning. 
One night we sang with a bunch of Chinese people and Nepalese travel guides at a mountain Teahouse, the other day we played a whole day with local kids. We meditated at a river side right within nature and had inspiring rooftop yoga sessions as well as a healing sound bath with singing bowls. In Kathmandu we attended a real Bhajan which was one of my highlights, since I started doing my own Kirtans at home. But that’s just a small insight into an unforgettable journey. All in all we had an amazing trip with delicious food and friendly fellow travelers. We made new friends, gained new inspiration and are grateful for the chance to visit holy Nepal. 
The whole thing was quite magical since it all started with just a spontaneous Christmas trip of Kai @kaifischer and me to London.

Hannah and Kai


I have just returned from a 10-day yoga retreat with Dipesh, based in Nepal. I feel revitalised and energised from regular yoga sessions, mountain hikes and cultural sight seeing. I have Dipesh to thank for it all. I particularly liked how Dipesh took my yoga needs and expectations into account with regards to the design of the yoga classes. He is so encouraging and I felt truely supported when trying out more advanced yoga poses as I could trust Dipesh, his knowledge and experience shines through. He is friendly, approachable and makes everything fun. We even continued to perform yoga after it started to rain at the mountain accomodation grounds, to the amusement of others watching on! Nothing is too much trouble and he is always happy to help or answer questions. 

A couple of highlights of the trip was performing yoga in the dark on top of a forested hill whilst the sun rose. Another was a silent meditation outdoors on the hills of the Himalayas where the only sound I could hear were birds flying above us. Unforgettable experiences that I will cherish forever. 

The singing bowl sound bath session was also a deeply moving experience that I was surprised to have enjoyed so much having not known what to expect beforehand. I felt an overwhelming feeling of peace and serenity all around me and it extended for hours after the session ended.

As Dipesh is Nepalese I was fortunate to discover a different side of Nepal and we visited many non-tourist attractions which usual travellers would not know or hear about. He has a wealth of information having grown up in the country, and the cultural and sight seeing was phenomenal. I was very close to extending my stay in Nepal because I was so positively inspired by all that I saw. 

If you are considering a yoga retreat which incorporates yoga, meditation, mountain hiking, culture and spirituality I would highly recommended the Moon Karma Yoga Retreat. Go ahead and book your place for October. You deserve it and I promise you will enjoy it.



I spent a wonderful two weeks in Nepal with Dipesh. The itinerary was well planned & exciting. 

Dipesh is a dedicated & skilled Yoga practitioner. I learnt so much from him & have been feeling the benefits ever since.

He showed me the real Nepal. Introduced me to local people & their beautiful country.

We practiced Yoga daily, & went on exhilarating treks in the mountains. 
I am recommending Dipesh to my friends & hope to study yoga with him again.

When Dipesh practices yoga it is a fluid, weightless, spiritual process. Absolutely amazing to watch. I have enormous respect for him.


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